It's time to quit smoking
June 17, 2024
How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking now and don’t procrastinate

If we help even one person stop smoking, we will be happy because we have given life.

If you are reading this, then you have decided to quit smoking. We know it’s hard to quit smoking, but we hope our experiences and inspiring stories will help. Be patient and you will find the easiest way to forget about this addiction.

Here you will find out what are the consequences of smoking and you will receive advice on how to quit smoking.

There is no universal way to quit smoking. The first and most important thing to quit smoking is motivation. If you are not motivated, you better wait for the right moment, and we will be happy to motivate you with the articles and content on our site.

Addiction to smoking helps the development of malignant processes! Nicotine has a strong addictive effect. a colorless, highly poisonous alkaloid found in the leaves of tobacco plants. Reaches brain nicotine receptors in 10 seconds. after inhalation, which is three times faster than the rate of intravenous administration. Cigarette smoke contains about 4,800 chemicals that cause nicotine addiction, less oxygen in the blood, palpitations, decreased tissue nutrition, hair loss, discoloration of the skin, premature aging and difficulty breathing. As a result of smoking, mucous accumulations in the bronchi accumulate carbon monoxide, benzopyrene, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other carcinogenic substances, which increase the risk of cancer. It can take 20 to 25 years from the start of tobacco use to the onset of cancer. This period can be shorter or longer depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. If you have smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 10 years, that is 73,000 cigarettes. Can you imagine what an already hung lung looks like? Stop smoking now if you want to live a longer life, your children or the good times with your loved ones, because you are certainly damaging your body and can cause one of the following diseases – Consequences of Smoking. There is no human body that can withstand smoking without harm.


Motivation to quit smoking is usually related to the health of the smoker. In most cases, when a person smokes for more than 10 years, he begins to have a number of health problems as a result of smoking. Sometimes these health problems are invisible or very mild, to which we do not pay attention or we just get used to them, but in other cases they are noticeable and motivate us strongly to quit smoking. The most common symptoms in people who have smoked for many years are cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, rapid heartbeat and palpitations. Once you have these symptoms, you are already motivated and justified, because these symptoms lead to a number of health problems and can be a signal of serious illness.

The easiest way to quit smoking

A man throws cigarettes

The easiest way to quit smoking is once and for all. Like all addictions, you should be aware that you are giving up cigarettes and will never smoke again. Nicotine cravings or the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation are invisible or very weak. Rather, it is a mental problem. If you think you are depriving yourself of pleasure, this is not a pleasure for you. You will find out what a real pleasure it is when you stop smoking forever. You will feel the taste of life and the aromas of your childhood.

  • Avoid places where you smoke or do not see friends who smoke.
  • Try not to think about cigarettes.
  • Try not to fall into situations where you usually smoke.
  • Breathe deeply, whenever you feel like it, you can even imitate by inhaling and exhaling every time you smoke a cigarette, if it calms you down.
  • Do what you love most – read a favorite book, listen to music, watch TV.
  • Avoid the use of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.

This is your struggle with yourself. This is your struggle for life that will last a long time. You will gradually stop thinking about this habit, but it will take months. It is important not to smoke any cigarettes for any reason. You need to be aware of this from the beginning. The first year is the most important and it is believed that the risk of going back to smoking is greatest in the first year of quitting.

Quitting nicotine chewing gum

This is not a good and easy option. You should not take nicotine, but if you think it will help you can try. Nicotine gums are not chewed like regular chewing gum, but intermittently. They can be kept in the mouth for about 30 minutes. Side effects of nicotine gum are hiccups and nausea.

Quitting cigarettes with nicotine patches?

This way of quitting smoking is also not recommended because you are taking nicotine, but you are obliged to try everything that you think can help you. Treatment with some types of nicotine patches lasts 12 weeks. On the day you start treatment, you must have stopped smoking completely so that the last cigarette is the day before the patch is applied to the skin. Do not smoke during treatment. Treatment is started with higher dose patches and then gradually switched to lower nicotine patches.

Quitting e-cigarettes?


There is still a lack of scientific evidence on the long-term health effects. They are an alternative to traditional cigarettes and their use could lead to a reduction in smoking and diseases caused by it. But they have a short-term effect and most smokers return to smoking. No improvement in lung function was observed. There is no single directive that guarantees the quality and safety of products. They are not offered as a means of stopping smoking, on the contrary, e-cigarettes again lead to addiction.

Smoking cessation with tobacco heating systems

There is no way to quit smoking by replacing them with another nicotine addiction. CHTs are a system that provides control of the heating temperature of the tobacco, thus avoiding the combustion process. By eliminating combustion, instead of smoke, ash and tars, an aerosol is released, which contains water, nicotine, glycerol and aromas. The odor is many times weaker than a conventional cigarette.

The concentration of harmful substances is minimized, and smokers receive pure nicotine. In this way, they satisfy their nicotine needs, and at the same time the toxicity is reduced. According to recent studies, the use of this type of system leads to improved lung function and reduced volume of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels, but it is not recommended for quitting smoking and it is very possible to return to smoking or even combine with it. Nicotine overdose headaches can be caused. All the risks of nicotine intake remain. The long-term effects of this product are yet to be traced, but it is again addictive and is not recommended for smoking cessation.

Quitting cigarettes through sports

If you decide to use this method of quitting smoking you will have a certain greater success than all other ways. It doesn’t matter what sport you play. The important thing is that this sport brings you fatigue. You should sweat whenever you exercise. The easiest way to do this is to run, but not all people can withstand this load in the beginning, so there is an option to do it with brisk walking. It’s best to keep track of how many calories you’ve burned on the treadmill when you’re in the gym. This gives you an incentive to move forward. Walking at an incline of 10% at 5 kilometers per hour will also make you sweat profusely and open your airways. If you walk 3 kilometers a day, this is a good result and a good start. The urge to light a cigarette decreases because you know how much effort you have already put into it. Be persistent and success is guaranteed.

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