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I am ArtianB from Albania of Europe. I am 57 years old and I like computer and software online.

I would like to tell you my story about smoking,how to stop smoking. Because I used smoking cigarettes for 26 years.

I have 13 years did stop smoking.

When I was using smoking, I remember many deficiencies in my health, but I did not understand the damage that caused me smoking.

Now after 13 years I do not smoke I understand that it was very easy to stop smoking

I can see how healthy I feel.

The best method how to stop smoking.

Being easy …

The best method for smoking is not easy. Being easy …

First of all, everyone thinks about the benefits or the risk of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes is money that you lose for nothing. When I was smoking I felt relaxed, but in fact it was illusion and stress. It is a psychological thing to keep on dependency as an impossible to quit smoking.


First of all, everyone thinks about the benefits or the risk of smoking.

Smoking cigarettes is money that loses for nothing. When use smoking cigarettes, I felt calm, but in fact I was in illusion and stress. It is a psychological thing to keep addiction as impossible to quit smoking. Almost everyone thinks about these things;

1. Health and preservation of life



4. Money and things to buy money

5. Life hereafter

6. Sexual Satisfaction

7. Child welfare

8. A sense of importance

But people who need smoking should add more stress to smoking.

Meaning/ ideas

This method is for those who want to quit smoking and not to light it for at least 5 years, not for those who think to quit smoking from time to time.

To stop smoking by my method is very easy but to keep promise for stop smoking is not the same.

You can say “what this means” ???

The same question I asked before I understood the secret of expression.

Failure to smoke means I will not try it for a term of more than five years.

And I swear I will keep the promise.

Smoking does not have a promise because someone can sit next to you and smoke, and you may try to try again by typing smoke and you will never be able to cope with smoking.



Think of a date after 15 to 20 later when the next two days are the holidays or weekends.

From the first day, smoking will be added to cigarettes by drinking more tobacco every day.

The amount of cigarettes will increase as long as you feel tired from day to day and more from smoking to the disgust that your body is given by excessive nicotine.

During this 15 or 20 day period you will think it’s the last time you smoke and you will always remember the difficulties you are experiencing with excessive smoking and how they will escape from smoking.

The first day you do not smoke do not drink coffee and when it comes to smoking you will come back to sleep or to drink water to get rid of the mind by smoking. And so will you do the second day, but on the second day

it will be easier for you, the third easier day, on the fourth day you will be free. Just do not try to get started again.

Starting again you will hurt your health and destructive effects in the body more than smoking on a regular basis. If you can not keep your promises, do not start applying for smoking.

The secret is keeping the promise for more than five years if you keep that promise after  a period of time to make a promise in yourself for 10 years and you will feel relieved and say how much we did.



After two months you will notice that you have a tobacco independence that does not impress you.

But you will feel better and healthier. And you hear from your partner or your children why did not you stop smoking before?

Wish you feel very proud of the achievement of this decision by you.


Thank you


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